What I’ve Noticed

Women in Afghanistan are setting themselves on fire in astonishing numbers.  Getting child marriage banned must be higher on our list of priorities.

Think you’re not going to get into grad school this year?  Toaster Sunshine has some words of wisdom for you.

I would like this bookshelf in my house

A review of acupuncture’s effect on heart rate variability. Conclusion: bullshit.

On comparing Obama to Napoleon.

Why I always wore my best underwear to ochem lab.

I’m glad Google has finally left China. I think more companies that work in China should recognize the human rights abuses they help perpetuate.

In defense of scientists.

Nancy Pelosi gets a lot of flack from the right and the left, but I think she’s actually pretty awesome.

What would a real Christian America look like? (Probably not an America that kicks its homeless & mentally ill in the face.)

Despite a court order and reams of scientific evidence, the FDA refuses to do its job.

Where we are with migraine research: still at something happens and the brainstem (or the CNS) doesn’t like it, but we have some new drug targets.

Early women scientists were awesome, but they sure had to put up with a lot.  This description of Wanda G. Bradshaw says a lot about the times – she isn’t even allowed interests separate from her husband.

The MSM contributed too much to the misinformation about health care reform by misrepresenting poll results.

Including transportation costs would go a long way towards realistically representing housing affordability: 69% of communities are considered affordable using the standard measure of 30% of income, but only 39% are affordable (less than 45% of income) if housing and transportation costs are considered.

High fructose corn syrup makes you gain more weight than a calorically equivalent amount of table sugar.  When are we going to stop subsidizing corn so much?

Zoos aren't just for fun & education: they're absolutely essential for conservation (and unbelievably cute pictures of baby animals).