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What I’ve Noticed

Women in Afghanistan are setting themselves on fire in astonishing numbers.  Getting child marriage banned must be higher on our list of priorities. Think you’re not going to get into grad school this year?  Toaster Sunshine has some words of wisdom for you. A review of acupuncture’s effect on heart rate variability. Conclusion: bullshit. On comparing Obama […]

What I’ve Noticed

Sexual assault prevention tips guaranteed to work: men, don’t rape people; women, just stop having a vagina to tempt the rapists. For as wealthy as the US is, you’d think we’d have safe drinking water.  But we really don’t.  Pollution is one reason why the popularity of bottled water is such a bad thing – […]

What I’ve Noticed

It doesn’t say anything good about our culture that sexual violence against women is eroticized and mainstream, but women choosing and enjoying sex is just too much for us. A few songs are worth more than your life.  A lot more.  (via Michael Alan Miller) Oh, and Sweden took down pirate bay. Well, this should […]

What I’ve Noticed: Really Long Edition

Between things like steep fines and jail time for the “crimes” of being poor and/or a person of color and being unable to get a job because of poor credit, it’s almost impossible to escape poverty in the US. Yesterday was the anniversary of Japan’s surrender in WWII. Still sucks to be a woman in […]

War isn’t good for people

Since the military isn’t doing enough to care for the mental health of our soldiers, private counselors are offering free help to veterans.  Suicide rates are way up in the military right now, which is probably indicative of how much help our veterans are going to need when they get back.  It’s not really surprising […]

in vain

I finished reading Susan Faludi’s The Terror Dream today. It was an amazing book that detailed our response to 9-11 and compared it to how we responded to another national crisis: the conflicts with Native Americans when the nation was forming. Basically, we create a myth of weak women as a way to make the […]

How to starve a country

I’ve posted before about the damage farm subsidies can do to the economies of other countries. Corn is one of the most heavily subsidized crops and it’s being used to create ethanol, which is currently more profitable than selling the corn for food because ethanol is subsidized, too. This is causing some very serious problems […]