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What I’ve Noticed

Women in Afghanistan are setting themselves on fire in astonishing numbers.  Getting child marriage banned must be higher on our list of priorities. Think you’re not going to get into grad school this year?  Toaster Sunshine has some words of wisdom for you. A review of acupuncture’s effect on heart rate variability. Conclusion: bullshit. On comparing Obama […]

What I’ve Noticed

More evidence that our drug policies are just wrong. Evolving to eat meat helped humans live longer. American evangelical influence is likely to cause Ugandan gays to be executed. How did health care reform turn into a subsidy for health insurance companies? It makes me livid when good ideas get shut down because politicians are more […]

What I’ve Noticed

What gender expectations do to people. Settlers of Catan really is the perfect board game.  I should buy my own soon. China refuses to participate in an important awareness raising climate change action in order to celebrate “Serf Liberation Day” – when the Dalai Lama was kicked out of Tibet. Oh propaganda. If the Obama […]

What I’ve Noticed

After Katrina, a white neighborhood militia murdered blacks who wandered into “their” neighborhood.  Disgusting, and a stark reminder that racism is far from eliminated in this country. An NYT editorial and Glenn Greenwald call for accountability after the Senate Armed Services Committee inquiry into the treatment of detainees in U.S. custody was released this week. […]

What I’ve noticed

You know that $700 billion bailout?  Did you know the Federal Reserve gave $2 TRILLION in emergency loans?  And they won’t say who that money went to? That’s your money. Google is better than the CDC at following flu epidemics. PZ writes about Mormon support for Prop 8 in CA. Obama includes gender identity in […]

A Little Politics

The latest A Softer World comic: PZ Myers points to a video of Sarah Palin telling an Assembly of God church that the Iraq war is “a task from God. Obama answers some important questions about science and policy. Dooce tells Republicans to live up to those compassionate principles: Because Leta was diagnosed with plagiocephaly […]

Home sweet home

A few days ago, I posted this AP story on my facebook with the caption “The media finally does some fact-checking.” The reporter did some research on some of the statements Sarah Palin made about herself and Barack Obama and found several, well, lies.  A person I grew up with commented on the post.  If […]