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Don’t go to China

I’m really glad I’ve already been to China because any country that thinks taking hostages is a good way to do diplomacy is one I don’t want to travel in. Canada is caught in the middle of a fight between the US and China. Meng Wanzhou has definitely done jail-worthy stuff, though that has fuck […]

What I’ve Noticed

Women in Afghanistan are setting themselves on fire in astonishing numbers.  Getting child marriage banned must be higher on our list of priorities. Think you’re not going to get into grad school this year?  Toaster Sunshine has some words of wisdom for you. A review of acupuncture’s effect on heart rate variability. Conclusion: bullshit. On comparing Obama […]

What I’ve Noticed

Poorly designed regulations contribute to sprawl, making walkable neighborhoods expensive or even illegal. Contrary to popular conception, marriage is good for men and bad for women. Nixon would have been hilarious if he hadn’t been president. Not being able to predict when I’m going to have a migraine is a serious problem. Advice for bossy […]

Camera Advice

I bought a digital camera 5 years ago in China.  A Samsung Digimax U-CA 5, specifically.  It’s been a good camera: it survived my clumsiness, held a charge forever, and was easy to use.  But now it tends to make all my pictures kind of reddish or yellow and a full battery lasts about 15 […]

Happy Blog Anniversary!

I started blogging 6 years ago today.  I’ve blogged for a lot of different reasons, but the desire to share and connect with other people, to be part of a larger conversation, has always been a part of it (though sometimes I’ve really identified with Jamie here and felt like quitting).  I count many of […]

What I’ve noticed

Testosterone doesn’t actually make people selfish; it promotes fair play. It’s not that feminists don’t have a sense of humor, you’re just not funny. China really isn’t getting better about human rights abuses. Fantastic essay by Asimov on “The Relativity of Wrong.”  I feel like this would be especially good to read in intro science […]

What we killed Thursday

While I haven’t paid any attention to plant species in the last several weeks, this isn’t at all because they’ve stopped disappearing.  This week’s plant is Firmiana major, a flowering tree from China.  This is a beautiful tree and I imagine it’s even lovelier covered in flowers. The aesthetic appeal of this tree is why […]