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We have done this to ourselves

The natural truths industry is financed by people, from politicians to CEOs, who know little about the projects they fund. An inverted relationship between researchers and donors has evolved in which the former, much like marketers or advertisers, must make constant promises that they will struggle to keep. — Read on

Treat the symptoms or treat the disease?

Federal candidates must pressure provinces for fertility treatment funding, B.C. advocates say — Read on Coverage for IVF in most parts of Canada is poor and many people are arguing we should fix that. I’m not totally opposed to better funded IVF, but 1) there are WAY higher priorities in our healthcare system and […]

Major in something useful!

You go to college and go into a ton of debt so you can have a chance at a good job and then when you don’t get a good job are mocked for your poor choice of majors. The thing is, by the time there’s a formal way for you to learn a field in […]

Don’t go to China

I’m really glad I’ve already been to China because any country that thinks taking hostages is a good way to do diplomacy is one I don’t want to travel in. Canada is caught in the middle of a fight between the US and China. Meng Wanzhou has definitely done jail-worthy stuff, though that has fuck […]

Biden isn’t betraying Black Americans – he’s just doing what he’s always done

President Biden is following a script that once doomed Black voters — and the party they supported — by not going all out to protect voting rights. — Read on I know most voters don’t know a ton about the candidates when they vote, but throwing in with Biden as a Black primary voter […]