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My blog’s name has nothing to do with Pynchon’s rather incredible book and everything to do with projectile motion.

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The real Sarcozona

In addition to serving as my pseudonym, Sarcozona is a genus in the Aizoaceae. It means “fleshy involucre.”

Sarcozona praecox
Photographer: McAuliffe, J.
Taken at : Murray Sunset National Park, Vic.
Australian Plant Image Index (APII)- Photo No. : ma.185


  1. Deane says:


    My desktop background just became your about photo. What an incredible photo. It so much represents the presence of that fallen one!

    I forwarded your extinct plant of the week post to our Earth First! poetry list. I’ll also carried it on my blog…

    You do quality work! If you ever want to increase traffic to any specific blog post I’d be happy to help!

    Be well, Deane

  2. Jessica says:

    A MSU scientist is hosting a seminar in fall 2012 on the
    biological basis for sexual orientation and will have a lot of great speakers.
    He’s currently fundraising to make a documentary interviewing the speakers. It
    will be quality scientific work with excellent infomation and thought it might
    be something you would like to share with your network!


  3. Adrian says:

    I’m not sure if you’ll see this, but I’m currently working on a research project on queer science bloggers. I would love to hear more about how queerness, science, and your online life affect each other! Feel free to email me at the email I used for this post: hezcurra92 at gmail dot com.

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