Hi Kim, This sounds really hard and I’m sorry you’re so scared and distracted and distressed! I read from your comment that 1) You are seeing some visual distortions of some kind 2) you have ocular migraine sometimes which could be responsible for the visual distortion 3) there is nothing physically and dangerously wrong that could be causing the visual distortion 4) the visual distortion is really distracting and scary for you.

I don’t know if you’re seeing visual snow or not, but I don’t think it matters exactly what it is! I think it’s ok to accept that whatever it is is there and acknowledge that, whatever it is, it’s not dangerous. You don’t have to be scared of it or what it means. Based on what you’ve told me in this comment, if I were you, I would work with my psychologist or therapist on strategies to learn to be comfortable with the visual snow so that eventually it fades from my conscious attention most of the time.

Best of luck.