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Migraines or Bremen

Hubert Airy, a doctor in the 1800s, drew pictures of his aura that are instantly recognizable to many migraineurs. My auras are often made of moving, close together lines, but very rarely in a fortification pattern. Also, mine are typically in neon green or violet. If you don’t get why auras like this are called […]

A few kinds of visual disturbance common with migraine aura

Most of the time at least part of my visual field is continuous TV-static-like tiny flickering dots. Sometimes it expands to cover my entire visual field. This is officially called visual snow. I always thought it was part of my migraines. Perhaps it is. But it turns out that visual snow can occur independently of […]


Patterns The visions produced by mescal and other hallucinogens would usually progress from these elementary forms of hallucination to elaborate visions of a much more personal and sometimes mystical sort (including scenes of people, animals, and landscapes). But Klüver remarked that the lower-level, geometric hallucinations that preceded these were identical to those found in a […]

Julianna Barwick and Hildegard of Bingen both wrote music that reminds me of the music I hallucinate during migraine auras. What strange songs does your migraine sing to you?