I am needing some advice everyone I know knows nothing about visual snow let me give you my story and will you please tell me what you think let me start by saying I’m a life long suffer of panic anxiety and ocd ocd becomes horrible with thoughts when I’m anxious so here’s whats happening. A year ago I had a ocular migraine throwing me into full blown panic and ocd for this whole year I’ve been to the eye dr more times then I can count what they found was nearsighted farsighted astigmatisms and dry eye and floaters that’s it so after my migraine I freaked out and obsessed with everything with my vision from this to that one issue will pass after I find another to obsess about now a few months ago I woke up and look at my ceiling and noticed a weird group of brown specks I thought well that’s weird but went on my day or days but I noticed it would come back after a few days went back to eye dr again they did every test known everything was fine well I googled what I thought I was seeing and a few things came up including visual snow I knew nothing of this or seen anything like this but convinced myself I have it to the point where I spent 2 days looking for what I thought the snow was like a little spots of snow until I found it freaked out and thought I experienced everything else when in fact I have nothing but this wierd static stuff when I first open my eyes in the morning and I have to close one eye then the other to see it on a white ceiling or dark wall then it subsides I don’t have the constant static I see the light spits of snow when I’m looking for it usually when one eyes closed ect I had to start seeing a psychologist because of it he diagnosed me with trauma anxiety panic ect I got to where I blocked out the “snow” then I had an panic attack and I started focusing on seeing it again googling about it until low and behold it’s back I can’t unsee what I’ve seen unfortunately I spoke to a specialist at the rare disease centers and told her everything I’m telling you know and she said it wasn’t visual snow more of a anxiety ocd issues sounded like I spoke to someone who has it on a Facebook page he told me good news he said you don’t have it it’s your anxiety but I can’t convince myself I don’t have it our minds are very powerful and it’s tricked me into seeing things or feeling a certain way for a lifetime So I would love any advice I want to put this to rest and move on with my life