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August 27, 2015
by sarcozona

A surprisingly awful thing about triptans

I’ve found doctors tend to brush off most complaints about side effects, despite how unpleasant they can be all on their own. Even many innocuous side effects are very difficult when combined with the symptoms of illness or a particular lifestyle.

For example, many triptans have a strong diuretic effect. For me, this kicks in long before the drug touches the nausea and pain. Sometimes getting up to pee is very hard. I might be in so much pain that just turning my head is difficult. Or that much motion might be enough to cause me to start vomiting, worsening and lengthening the migraine.

Having to pee more often doesn’t sound like it would be a real problem and is a side effect no doctor would ever bother mentioning, but it’s much more than a minor inconvenience for me.

August 25, 2015
by sarcozona

While you’re waiting for the bus

Owning the bitch: negative repercussions of constant positivity while chronically ill

What’s Cool Got To Do With It? “a ‘homie’ who borrows enough creative stuff, and sanitizes it to make herself more dangerous while allowing white america to mock and enjoy street artforms without having to deal with looking at actual black people who might be poor is unintentionally slowing down the arrival of the ‘whole new world.'”

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Dying California forests offer a glimpse into climate change.

Validation of potential candidate biomarkers of drug-induced nephrotoxicity and allodynia in medication-overuse headache

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So the magic Free Market Fairy will keep our food and drugs safe.
The free market looks like dead and mutant babies

Many links found at Epicene Cyborg.

August 24, 2015
by sarcozona

So you think you’re a bad collaborator

This guy Dollard was holed up in a stockade trying not to get his ass kicked by the Iroquois Confederation when he had the brilliant idea to light up powder keg and toss it into the enemy.

Unfortunately, he missed and dropped the damn thing in the stockade, blowing allies and his own men and the wall to bits.

"Battle of Long Sault 1660" by Unknown - Via Wikipedia -

This did not go as planned.

Then the Iroquois popped right on in and set to trussing everyone up for some ritual torture.

Quiz: Worst collaborator ever was:

  1. Dollard
  2. Dollard

August 21, 2015
by sarcozona

Like a man

Exhaustion and gloom pressed on him more and more heavily. Did he want someone to talk it over with? Or someone to complain to? Or just someone to have a heart-to-heart talk with, who might perhaps even show him a little pity?

Of course he had read and heard that pity is a humiliating feeling: whether you pity or are pitied.

Because throughout his life, no one had ever pitied Dyomka [him].

Here in the ward it was interesting listening and talking to people, but he couldn’t talk to them in the way he now wanted. When you’re with men you have to behave like a man.

from Alexander Solzenitsyn’s Cancer Ward

August 19, 2015
by sarcozona
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So you think your PhD is a waste of time

This guy Frobisher goes the Arctic to find the Northwest passage and totally fails, but he finds some rocks that he thinks may have coal or gold or something in them. So he brings them back to good old England and somebody tells him they do indeed have gold in them, so he goes back to the Arctic and fills his ships up with rocks. But when he gets back to England, he finds out actually somebody lied and they’re just fucking rocks. All they’re good for is fixing manor walls and shit.

Also he got shot in the ass with an arrow by the Inuit.

Excuse me sir you appear to be trespassing lost let me help you find your way home with my arrow.

Excuse me sir you appear to be trespassing lost let me help you find your way home with my arrow.

When all your data is worthless, remember that your ventures could be considerably more painful and pointless than this journey of Sir Martin Frobisher.