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Migraine Log as of May 5

May 12, 2016 by sarcozona | 0 comments

The sensations of my own body may be the only subject on which I am qualified to claim expertise. Sad and terrible, then, how little I know. “How do you feel?” the doctor asks, and I cannot answer. Not accurately. “Does this hurt?” he asks. Again, I’m not sure. “Do you have more or less pain than the last time I saw you?” Hard to say. I begin to lie to protect my reputation. I try to act certain.

— Eula Biss, The Pain Scale

May2016MigraineLog by Sarcozona

April 15, 2016
by sarcozona

It hurts so much I can’t breathe, but it’s not a problem

My stomach and back hurt so much right now that I’m having a bit of trouble breathing. But not only am I standing at my desk writing code (and blog posts), I’m feeling cheerful about how well I feel.

Migraines have seriously skewed how I respond to and rank pain and disability.

I classify my migraines as mild, moderate, severe, or extreme. Lately, I’ve had almost no severe or extreme migraines. My doctors are more thrilled by the reduction in pain levels than I am and seem a bit confused when I keep pushing for frequency reduction. Sometimes I feel a bit like a whiner.

Here’s why I’m still whining: a mild migraine typically causes me to feel worse than this and limits my activities more even when there’s no pain at all. I think I need to clarify for my doctors what I mean by “mild.”

March 26, 2016
by sarcozona

Darwin or dirty story?

Chaco, Paraguay, 1986

Chaco, Paraguay, 1986

A pampered and naive young Englishman finds himself thousands of miles from home on the windswept Pampas of South America. In the isolated village of Las Minas, he soon attracts the attention of the dangerous (and dangerously sexy) locals…

At night we stopped at a pulperia, or drinking-shop. During the evening, a great number of Gauchos came in to drink spirits and smoke cigars: their appearance is very striking; they are generally tall and handsome, but with a proud and dissolute expression of countenance. They frequently wear their moustaches and long black hair curling down their backs. With their brightly coloured garments, great spurs clanking about their heels, and knives stuck as daggers (and often so used) at their waists, they look a very different race of men from what might be expected from their name of Gauchos, or simple countrymen. Their politeness is excessive; they never drink their spirits without expecting you to taste it; but whilst making their exceedingly graceful bow, they seem quite as ready, if occasion offered, to cut your throat.

Continued …

March 11, 2016
by sarcozona

The State of Electronic Voting for Overseas Voters in America

County recorder: Thank you for registering. Here is your username and password to login to the overseas voter website to upload your ballot.
Me: *fails to login*
Me: *attempts password reset*
Website: “We’ve never heard of you”
Me: Dear County Recorder, WTF?
County Recorder: You have to register first.
Me: I thought I already registered.
County Recorder: No, you have to get in touch with the county recorder using [this form] to register.
Me: *Rolls eyes and completes form again.*
County recorder – Thank you for registering. Here is your username and password to login to the overseas voter website to upload your ballot
Me: *fails to login*
Me: Dear County recorder, WTF?
County recorder: I’m sorry the system is so difficult to work with. The reason you were unable to upload your ballot is that an account with the Secretary of State’s secure website has not yet been requested & authorized for you (step # 5 in the instructions). It is quite counterintuitive so I appreciate your frustration.
Me: *Reads step 5. Determines this is the step I have completed three times now. Googles to find fax machine. Gets stuck in 1985. Sobs.*