I’ve read more papers on my illness than I have on my PhD topic.

I’m never going to graduate, am I?

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  1. Ragamuffin says:

    i put off reading about my illness after my third year because 1) i was well enough to choose to, and 2) the crohn’s lit got real boring 🙂 you have a more fascinating (albeit infuriating) brain companion.


    • sarcozona says:

      I think part of the problem is that there are almost no neurologists who specialize in headache and training on migraine is very poor. Plus, knowledge of the disease is changing rapidly – I haven’t been in a neurologist’s office that didn’t have posters from the 90s with dramatically wrong information still on the walls. I know less about the brain and body than my neurologist, but I know a heck of a lot more about migraine.

      When I go to the neurologist, I’m the one who updates my neurologist on the recent literature and recommends a treatment. My neurologist helps me work out risks, injects botox where I tell him to, and writes scripts.

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