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I’ve read more papers on my illness than I have on my PhD topic. I’m never going to graduate, am I?

Headache medicine’s problems with legitimacy persist despite the “discovery” of a neurobiological mechanism underlying migraine. For while the emphasis on the brain does somewhat mitigate migraine’s association with psychosomatic, feminized personalities, locating migraine in the brain also managed to inscribe gendered cultural assumptions about the personalities of headache patients into the physical structure of their […]

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Three Dozen Migraine Susceptibility Loci Uncovered in Large Meta-Analysis

Three Dozen Migraine Susceptibility Loci Uncovered in Large Meta-Analysis Nice writeup of this meta analysis in Nature. If you don’t want to do the free registration to read the genomeweb piece, they 38 loci (loci = spot in the genome) associated with migraine, including 28 that had never been found before. A couple interesting things […]

Migraine Art #082 by Migraine Art Via Flickr: From new book Migraine Art by Klaus Podoll and Derek Robinson

[I]n 1973, Seymour Diamond and Donald Dalessio, then codirectors of the famous Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago, wrote that the inability of people with migraine to adapt represents the repressed hostility of the migraine patient. Joanna Kempner in Not Tonight I am actually pretty angry about having a painful and debilitating disease that most people […]