Berry Go Round #14

Welcome to the 14th Berry Go Round!  Before we get started, I recommend reading last month’s carnival hosted over at Watching the World Wake Up.


At Midoria you can learn all about kasumisou flowers (also known as baby’s breath).  Agro Rachmatullah’s interest in these flowers was sparked when the TV character Kasumi received a kasumisou bouquet.  Cute, no?

Ctenitis sloanei

The Accidental Botanist
gives us a double treat – information on the Ctenitis sloanei tree fern and a bit of history on Darwin’s discovery of this interesting plant.


Vicky at TGAW has a post full of pictures of her a short hike near the Newbold-White House in North Carolina.  The bald cypresses are just stunning and she’s even got an identification question – go help her out, botanists!

Luigi at the Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog points out an area where we really need to do some research –

These critical 500-700 species will be so vital to future food security, not least to combating climate change itself, that we need to ensure that they are allowed to continue evolving in situ in the changing environment and make doubly sure we have these species’ genetic diversity adequately conserved ex situ.

Palo blanco

Palo blanco

Mary at A Neotropical Savanna has a fantastic post up on the identification of the lovely “white pole” tree.  I always learn so much from her plant id posts!



I particularly loved the Valentine’s Day post up at Growing with Plants full of lovely blooms and interesting plants.  Aren’t you jealous of his collection?

Last, but most certainly not least, is a post on Darwin and botany with links to some great resources over at No seeds, no fruits, no flowers: no problem.

The next edition of Berry Go Round will be hosted at A Neotropical SavannaSubmit your plant posts and pictures before the end of the month!