Naughty Monkey on a Budget

Dr. Isis frequently drools over recommends Naughty Monkey shoes, and I don’t deny that they are the sassiest shoes ever, but they are usually between $70 and $90.  That’s how much I’d make if I worked all day on Saturday.  I’m not saying they aren’t worth it, but sometimes groceries and the electric bill and that awful hospital bill have to come before shoes.

But life just got a lot better.  The makers of Naughty Monkey have another brand called Not Rated.  They’ve knocked down the quality a few notches and are definitely designing for a younger crowd, but they are just as sassy as the sassiest of Dr. Isis’s Naughty Monkeys.  Even better, they usually cost about $45 and are often on sale for about $20 at endless.


  1. I love Not Rated!!! And, I gotta tell you, I only buy a fraction of the shoes I blog about. Mama’s working on a budget too. I bought the cutest pairs at the mall this week and I am hoping to blog about them soon.


    • sarcozona says:

      The only regret I have about going into science is knowing that I will never make enough to buy all the pretty shoes I want.

  2. Carol Benavides-Hynes says:

    I have tried to get a phone number for the company that makes Not Rated shoes. I want to buy a few pairs, but they do NOT come in size 5 or 5 1/2. Why not? I am so VERY upset about this. What can I do?

    • sarcozona says:

      I don’t know for sure why they don’t make them in sizes smaller than a 6, but I imagine it is because so few people wear those sizes and it isn’t profitable for them.

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