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Thuja plicata

I’ve seen western redcedar a thousand times, and I never really gave it a second glance. But my opinion of this tree changed on a recent trip I took to the Pacific Northwest – I had no idea these trees got so large! I also decided that I really like the texture of this tree’s […]

Mistletoe in a juniper tree

Continuing to wander through the park led me past this tree: How odd! It looks like it has two different colors of foliage. And the darker foliage seems to form very distinct clumps.  That’s weird enough to warrant a second glance.  A second glance reveals that those dark clumps aren’t part of this poor juniper […]

Identifying an Alligator Juniper to variety

I went for a walk around a park near my apartment today. After being indoors cooking and eating all day yesterday, a nice long walk on a cold winter day was absolutely perfect.  I was planning to do some work on my grad school applications when I got back, but ended up identifying the plants […]

What do you know?

LL Cool Joe started an interesting meme a couple weeks ago and Leo tagged me. The rules: 1. You’ve got to post a link from the person who tagged you. 2. List 8 things that you know about on your chosen subject. You get to choose the subject. 3. You don’t have to tag anyone […]

Berry Go Round #14

Welcome to the 14th Berry Go Round!  Before we get started, I recommend reading last month’s carnival hosted over at Watching the World Wake Up. At Midoria you can learn all about kasumisou flowers (also known as baby’s breath).  Agro Rachmatullah’s interest in these flowers was sparked when the TV character Kasumi received a kasumisou […]

Spring Break, day 5: Lotusland part 4

The gardeners recently put in this small garden designed to attract beneficial insects so they could cut down on the insecticides they used to deal with pests. The really interesting part of this picture, though, is the tree in the center: a dawn redwood. The dawn redwood is a very interesting tree with a very […]