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Why I can’t write a good personal essay | Tenure, She Wrote

I wrote about how my understanding of disability has shifted from internal to external and how that’s affected my ability to get support. A little smarts and hard work and luck can’t make my chronically ill body “productive.” Even if they did, it would only make it alright for me – and that’s not good […]

Navigating academia when you’re poor

Yesterday I wrote a post for Tenure, She Wrote about what it’s like being poor in academia, what you can do to increase your odds of success when you are poor, and how to support poor graduate students. It really seemed to resonate with a lot of people, both poor and not. I’d encourage you […]

Cold and hungry

The graduate student association at my university is collecting food for local food banks, but is having trouble getting donations. Our Food Bin is cold and hungry for some donations! Please plan to pass by with something to share this holiday season. We will offer your donations as some support to help families in need get […]

Structural problems in academic science

Paula Stephan, an economist at Georgia State University, argues that many of the research community’s problems flow from two big features of how we do research. First, we staff our labs with low-wage, temporary workers—graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who move on after a few years. This means that universities have an incentive to recruit […]

Would NSF have funded Galileo?

Still, says Clette, it is fascinating to ‘work’ with colleagues from hundreds of years ago. For instance, he says that even though Galileo’s coverage of the Sun was spotty because Galileo was “busy with planets and other things”, the drawings are detailed enough to reveal information about the magnetic structure of the sunspot groups and […]

Getting paid

I get three paychecks a year. I accept a little wiggle room around the dates, especially since the finance office makes it clear months in advance when I should expect to be paid. I even understand that those dates may change. But it’s pretty mean to move that date out almost an entire month with […]

Being prepared is a waste of time

When it comes to getting your travel reimbursements anyway. I complained last summer about the complicated process and long time frame for getting reimbursed for conference travel. My funding came from several sources that each required a different application. The applications could not all be filed at once and forgotten about – there was a […]