Cold and hungry

Empty Jar by Marisa McClellan on Flickr

Empty Jar by Marisa McClellan on Flickr

The graduate student association at my university is collecting food for local food banks, but is having trouble getting donations.

Our Food Bin is cold and hungry for some donations! Please plan to pass by with something to share this holiday season. We will offer your donations as some support to help families in need get through the winter holidays.

It’s not that we’re a greedy or uncharitable lot. It’s that a living wage in this city is more than $35,000*, but the basic stipend here is $18,000.

The graduate student association should know that more of the graduate students need food than have room in their budget to give food. Perhaps next year they can organize a food drive for graduate students instead.

*That living wage calculation doesn’t include any room in the budget for the credit cards and student loans we used to get through undergrad, saving for retirement, caring for family members, or saving for emergencies or tough times.