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Dealing with rejection

A few years ago, I applied for and received a really prestigious fellowship. I had to turn it down because they don’t let you take it out of the country (GRRR). But I didn’t give up. I took that application, made it even better, and applied for a similar fellowship in my new country. I […]

Congratulations! (not)

Several months ago I received a letter from my fellowship funders, self-congratulatory and long winded as all such letters are. But the patronizing tone was quickly forgotten at the line “your fellowship is being increased by $X for the next academic year.”  Then there was great rejoicing  among the fellowship recipients. Great plans were laid for […]

Send me to the Ecological Society of America meeting!

By August, I’m usually more than a little frustrated with my research and feeling overwhelmed. But then I go to the annual Ecological Society of America meeting. I leave brimming with ideas and renewed excitement and motivation. ESA is awesome… I love hearing about the latest research in my particular subfield, and I’m inspired by research seemingly […]

Grad school and money

Applying to graduate school is expensive – application fees, taking tests, seemingly endless transcript requests and score reports, and miscellaneous travel expenses that weren’t reimbursed. All in all, it cost me about $1500 to apply to grad school. If that number seems high to you, consider that many people applying for degrees beyond undergrad pay […]

Femme Friday – Grant Writing Edition

So there’s this grant proposal I’ve been tinkering with on and off for the last few months, but haven’t really pulled together yet.  I thought it was due November 15.  I met with my boss Wednesday to discuss ways to frame our project.  She reminded me of some administrative paperwork I’d need to do before […]

Financial Aid

Last year I got enough scholarship and grant money that I didn’t have to take out any loans.  This year has gone even better, despite not getting the Udall.  In addition to having enough to pay for school, rent, and all my bills through August 2010, I’ll be able to get new glasses (which I […]