Don’t go to China

I’m really glad I’ve already been to China because any country that thinks taking hostages is a good way to do diplomacy is one I don’t want to travel in.

Canada is caught in the middle of a fight between the US and China. Meng Wanzhou has definitely done jail-worthy stuff, though that has fuck all to do with why the US wanted her arrested. Canada is doing a decent job fending off the US – she hasn’t been extradited yet, after all, but has a real problem with China which is very happy randomly detaining and killing Canadian citizens to try to get Canada to do what it wants.

Canada doesn’t have much power here, but I do think they should make it much more difficult for Canadian citizens to travel to China, if only for their citizens’ protection. And other countries and travelers should take note as well – if China has a beef with your country, they’d be very happy taking you hostage and killing you for geopolitical points.