What I’ve Noticed

Indexed expresses a little anger with an awesome Venn diagram.

Hollywood’s five saddest attempts at feminism.  [via Feministing]  Lays out how those “strong” female characters are so very disappointing.

Some Iraqi’s have no hope left:

do you know
that your tomorrow
has no tomorrow?
that your blood
is the ink
of new maps?

Unsurprising news of the day: Many women leave the church because of its “‘silence’ about sexual desire and activity, and because of its hostility to single-parent families and unmarried couples.” [via A Spritely Oolong]

Sciencewomen point to an awesome statement by Michelle Obama:

I was raised to believe I could do it all, and that was very empowering. Then I got into the work force and realized there was really no support for me to do it all. … We either have to fix that or be honest about it.

An awesome video – my new crush raps about the LHC.


  1. Mike says:

    If I see one of them folks in prison, I’m gonna shank ’em.

    Oh wait, they have far less chance of going to prison than I do, despite their crimes being grievous enough they should be thrown in one of those South American forget-where-we-put-you prisons.

    It’s good to be a rich straight white man.

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