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We really messed up the bank bail-out

It didn’t have to happen this way. The massive investment in the fossil fuel infrastructure after the bank bailout could just as easily have gone to renewable technologies, like wind and solar projects, which, in an ironic twist, have been pilloried for their reliance on subsidies and inability to turn a freestanding profit. Today, that’s […]

What do you need more, water or oil?

Canada’s relative lack of information about its own water resources could put it at a disadvantage in future disputes over waters that span the border between the two countries. “We know far more about underground oil and gas …than we do about our underground water,” said James Bruce… via Satellite data hinted at Alberta floods […]

What I’ve Noticed

Instead of paying for decent healthcare or public transit, our government is paying, quite literally, for more cheese. Coming out can be really, really hard.  But funny, too: “I think I’m… well, um… a bicycle.” Overcoming gender essentialism is also really, really hard.  But it’s so worth it. Cheating is a huge problem in our […]

What I’ve Noticed: Politicians don’t get economics edition

AZ governor and strong supporter of the bad-for-business anti-immigrant law, Jan Brewer, lies about immigrants and her own past. Anyone who grows such lovely hydrangeas couldn’t possibly be a spy! Knowing a little history goes a long way towards refuting people who try to rewrite it.  It could also prevent our politicians from making the […]

What I’ve Noticed

Frank Fenner thinks we’ll go the way of the Easter Islanders in the next 100 years.  I disagree that humans will go extinct, but I agree that we’ve waited far too long to address energy and population issues to avoid dramatic and involuntary reduction in our population.  And it’s already happening: resource competition, exacerbated by […]

What I’ve Noticed

The existence of god in general might be difficult to disprove (as is the existence of invisible flying purple elephants), but the existence of a specific gods is all to easy to debunk.  For example, the Bible story and Jewish genetics don’t match at all. Israel is doing a great job of getting on everyone’s […]

What I’ve Noticed

Hurricanes are going to make the oil spill that much harder to deal with. This Is your Copilot Speaking makes me feel better and worse about flying.  Also, it’s a problem when airlines treat their pilots nearly as badly as their passengers. Another animal disappears in the 6th great extinction, this time it’s the Alaotra […]