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What I’ve Noticed


Hurricanes are going to make the oil spill that much harder to deal with.

This Is your Copilot Speaking makes me feel better and worse about flying.  Also, it’s a problem when airlines treat their pilots nearly as badly as their passengers.

Another animal disappears in the 6th great extinction, this time it’s the Alaotra grebe.

Temblor Range

Temblor Range on BPotD

We’re running out of fish very, very quickly.  I expect when we finally slash fishing fleets, it will be far too late.

Challenging, painful art of Marina Abromovi?.

Denialists are scared control freaks.

A (non-snarky) list of ways men can help prevent gender violence.

Giving women power over household money means that kids are fed and father is sober.

How do invasive species affect you?

Rand Paul’s position on private businesses having the right to discriminate would sit even less well with people if the question were phrased “Should your tax dollars be used to pay police to remove people from private businesses solely because the proprietor doesn’t like the color of their skin?”

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