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The existence of god in general might be difficult to disprove (as is the existence of invisible flying purple elephants), but the existence of a specific gods is all to easy to debunk.  For example, the Bible story and Jewish genetics don’t match at all.

Israel is doing a great job of getting on everyone’s bad side.

In light of BP’s abysmal safety record and incompetence so huge it seems deliberate, their current mistreatment of people cleaning up the spill isn’t at all surprising.  I wonder if this spill will push us towards alternative energy since this disaster is ultimately a product of our own habits.

The women-trapping-men-with-babies trope has a lot of traction in our culture, and while there are certainly cases where it does occur, it ignores that fact that controlling women’s bodies and reproduction has been and continues to be a primary way men control and abuse women.

Veggie and vegan diets aren’t necessarily better for the environment than diets that include domesticated animals, but eating bugs would go a long way towards creating a sustainable diet.

The media often does a terrible job reporting on science.  Ed Yong sets them straight on what the research actually says about acupuncture.

Crip Sex from Mia Mingus on Vimeo.

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