What I’ve Noticed: Politicians don’t get economics edition

AZ governor and strong supporter of the bad-for-business anti-immigrant law, Jan Brewer, lies about immigrants and her own past.

Anyone who grows such lovely hydrangeas couldn’t possibly be a spy!

Knowing a little history goes a long way towards refuting people who try to rewrite it.  It could also prevent our politicians from making the same mistakes that were made in the mid-1930s.

AZ cuts benefits for the mentally ill at the same time they cut services for homeless.  Stupid stupid stupid.

Public transportation helps the un- and underemployed while decreasing our oil use. So of course we’re cutting public transportation budgets.

Cap & trade won’t be as effective as population reduction.

Statistics is often taught to scientists as a set of “tests in a toolbox.”  But thinking about why you’re doing what you’re doing gets you a lot further.

We tell our own citizens to eat more fruits and veggies to be healthier.  So why don’t we apply that same philosophy to developing countries?

It’s not that we can’t afford clean energy.  It’s that we’re spending the money so oil industry executives can live like this.

The new “chick lit” is not about getting a man.  It’s about getting a life.

A fun mathematical theorem you likely haven’t heard of.

Lindsay Beyerstein takes John Byrne to task for shoddy and inflammatory science journalism.

The Kennedy School of Government at Harvard takes America’s newspapers to task for not calling torture torture.

Forced marriage isn’t just an issue for women.

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