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Pay to kill or pay to live: Republicans vs. Democrats

The Republicans were voted in on a promise to make $100 billion in spending cuts. They’ve walked back from that number, but are still doing their best to cut any program that might help the average US citizen. (If you have money to burn, however, your fire isn’t going out anytime soon.) The proposed spending […]

Paul Gosar (or his email writer) is an idiot

Paul Gosar used to be a dentist with some wacky political views. Now he’s my Tea Party Congressman. I used to think that politicians that seemed like idiots were merely pandering to the idiots that elected them. But I recently received an email that casts doubt on that view. I emailed Gosar several weeks ago […]


Arizona’s anti-immigrant law ignores the contributions of legal and illegal immigrants to our communities, violates people’s rights, and disregards the role of our foreign and drug policy in why people immigrate to the US. Wouldn’t you leave, regardless of legality, if your home were so dangerous that children were trained to avoid gunfire in school? […]

What I’ve Noticed: Politicians don’t get economics edition

AZ governor and strong supporter of the bad-for-business anti-immigrant law, Jan Brewer, lies about immigrants and her own past. Anyone who grows such lovely hydrangeas couldn’t possibly be a spy! Knowing a little history goes a long way towards refuting people who try to rewrite it.  It could also prevent our politicians from making the […]

Racism in AZ

I’ve written a few times now about Arizona’s new immigration law.  What I haven’t focused on so much is the very acceptable racism in Arizona.  I’ve noticed it most at coffee shops when I overhear conversations.  From the Bible study group to the AA accountability partners to the crunchy granola hippies, I’ve heard Hispanic people […]

“The other side” of Arizona’s immigration debate

I’m not happy about the new immigration law in Arizona, but one of my aunts thinks it may be a good thing.  This morning she suggested I more carefully consider “the other side” because of the discarded items in the Sonoran: It’s definitely true that Oregon Pipe is littered with the backpacks, water bottles, and […]

What I’ve Noticed

A Phoenix nun was demoted for saving a woman’s life. Religious hospitals are kind of frightening. Already environmentally devastated areas, like mine tailings, might be a good place to install solar projects. A tragedy of “security:” “military personnel were so worried about getting their trucks into the proper place that they crushed a 68-year-old woman […]