Arizona’s anti-immigrant law ignores the contributions of legal and illegal immigrants to our communities, violates people’s rights, and disregards the role of our foreign and drug policy in why people immigrate to the US.

Wouldn’t you leave, regardless of legality, if your home were so dangerous that children were trained to avoid gunfire in school? And it isn’t as simple as being illegal or legal – there’s a lot of grey area and ethical issues to consider. What would you do if your family were in this situation:

Before the law, it was no big deal that her husband was an illegal immigrant. There were no hiccups. For them to get married and for him to get his tax identification number was no problem.

“I guess that’s why I didn’t think much about it,” she said.

But now his visa process has been canceled and the family cannot afford the appeals process.

Talking with her husband about the future is hard, she added.

“He doesn’t want any harm to come to us just because of his status,” Esperanza said.

Under the new law, it is even possible for her to be arrested for harboring and transporting an illegal immigrant.

“Just by living with my husband, I am now a criminal,” she said.

We have better choices than SB1070.