Paul Gosar (or his email writer) is an idiot

Paul Gosar used to be a dentist with some wacky political views. Now he’s my Tea Party Congressman. I used to think that politicians that seemed like idiots were merely pandering to the idiots that elected them. But I recently received an email that casts doubt on that view.

I emailed Gosar several weeks ago about one of the many crazy positions he’s taken and received the following poorly written non-response:

Dear Ms. ____,

Thank you for contacting my Washington, D.C. office.  I appreciate hearing from you.

The office is has been experiencing a high influx of incoming mail since the beginning of the year, and we are working diligently to answer each and every letter the constituents of Arizona’s First Congressional District are sending.  Please bear with us as we work through the queue, and know that I am personally addressing many of the letters I receive.

If you have a situation that requires immediate assistance, please do not hesitate to call one of my offices listed below.

Notice the bad grammar and redundancy I’ve emphasized.

Considering Tea Party support for making English the official language of the US, you’d think Gosar would have a better command of it. Of course, it’s unlikely that he actually wrote the email, but he could have hired one of the many intelligent and well educated professionals swelling the ranks of the unemployed instead of the careless/stupid friend of a friend he appears to have hired.


  1. Clarissa says:

    This is hilarious. Now what can anybody expect from a person like that? Funny but sad at the same time.

  2. Davekoch1 says:

    Hey loser,

    What gave you done for your fellow citizen lately? 5 will get you 10 you’re on the dole.

    Grow up.
    Prescott, Az

  3. Theo says:

    My favorite personal example of a goof-up by a (former) state representative of mine – In 2008, I received a state award for academic achievement, and my representative felt like sending me a letter with a certificate congratulating me, which is a nice idea at the outset.  But hilarity ensues – the certificate congratulated me for getting the 2009 award (but was dated april 2008), miss-spelled my name, and then went on to say “I am honored recognize ‘s great accomplishment and new status as a Citizen of the United States of America.”  (I was born a citizen, some few decades ago)…  chuckle.

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