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Energy meter


The Sleeping Beauty, Edward Burne-Jones, 1890

I found this in my drafts folder from a few years ago.

Yesterday I made (simplified and adapted-to-my-dietary-restrictions) curry, soup, and shepherd’s pie.

I also walked someone to the bus stop.

That is all I did.

Today I can’t get out of bed.

Things are better now. But mostly because I’m usually not so foolish as to try to cook three things in one day.

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  1. Yes, this. Goodness, yes, this.

    I have some people in my life who are really upset that I can’t do fun things with them anymore. “But your pain levels are so much better!”

    My pains levels are “so much” (slightly) better because, after years of daily migraines, I have *learned how to manage my energy*. (Usually. Not always.) I don’t achieve as much on good days, but I spend less time in agony on bad days.

    I hope you’ve found an energy/pain trade-off that works for you.

  2. Being well enough to do something means that I’m not just well enough to complete the activity. It means that I can do that thing without getting sicker afterwards. I don’t have many friends left who don’t understand this, but I don’t really know how to communicate this successfully in my professional life.

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