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Merry Christmas!


Euphorbia aphylla makes an excellent Christmas tree

This year I’m celebrating Christmas with my roommates, who have become part of my chosen family.  I’ve mentioned before that I really love Christmas, but it’s probably hard to understand how much I love Christmas until you’ve lived with me in December and had to deal with the nonstop Christmas music and continuously flour covered kitchen.  My roommates do a good job of not strangling me.

While giving presents is one of my favorite parts of Christmas, I’m not as excited about getting them now as I was when I was a kid.  This year, however, I got a fantastic, fantastic present that I can’t help being incredibly excited about:  I found out that one of my grants is funded!  Since my lab didn’t get the grant that was supposed to fund half my wages for the next 6 months, this is a huge relief.  Plus, getting a grant is very good for my ego.

If you have to spend Christmas with people that make you crazy, I hope you can escape quickly and that New Years’ makes up for it.  For everyone that I didn’t send cookies to, here’s one of my favorite pieces of Christmas music from one of my favorite movies:

Hopefully it makes you as happy as it does me!

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  1. Merry Christmas! I hope its the best one so far! And not nearly as good as next year’s 😉

    My Christmas playlist is now 15 hours long with everything from Blues and Jazz to Handel and Mendelssohn to Vandarth and TSO!

    Congrats on the grant, that’s fantastic news!

  2. YAY! Happy Christmas. I love your tree. Also, you should be excited about your present from me. I was desperately excited to send it to you. *hugs lots*

  3. Also, your christmas music blasting can be nothing compared to our Gramma’s.

  4. Merry Christmas, and congrats on landing a grant – put that in your grad school apps! Wheeeee!

  5. Yeah, I got to see my family on the 15th-18th. For once we were all on the same continent at the same time Unfortunately I have to “pay back” the guys from work who covered my shifts, so I’m working almost straight through Jan 4th… Definitely worth it though.

    Did you all do anything special for Christmas?

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