Cookies for Christmas

Some very lucky people who read this blog have a package on the way.  Bet you can’t guess what’s inside!

Making lots of cookies to give to people I love is one of my favorite things about the winter holidays, even if it does lead to a kitchen covered in flour and powdered sugar.  This year I made chewy ginger chocolate cookies and plain old sugar cookies.  The chewy ginger chocolate cookies are definitely more crunchy than chewy, but that just makes them better for dipping in milk, right?  I also realized putting red sprinkles on little people shaped cookies isn’t the best idea: some people are getting zombie cookies for Christmas.

If I’m clever and put an apron on, at least the mess is limited to the counters and an apron I can just toss in the wash.  This year, I was not so clever.  Notice the clean apron hanging behind me.

Those packages are smaller than normal this year.  Based on the resemblance between me in this photo and a stick figure, I decided that I needed to eat more cookies.