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Journalism today / Journalism a century ago

From The Way We Live Now by Anthony Trollope: The ‘Evening Pulpit’ was supposed to give daily to its readers all that had been said and done up to two o’clock in the day by all the leading people in the metropolis, and to prophesy with wonderful accuracy what would be the sayings and doings […]

Figures Lie and Liars Figure – Who can you trust?

This is part two in a series based on questions, concerns, and misconceptions that my aunt (and many other people) have about climate change.  Last week, I posted about money concerns – that many people think scientists are making up this data to get rich or famous (a view perpetuated by the lovely senator from Oklahoma). […]

What I’ve Noticed: Politicians don’t get economics edition

AZ governor and strong supporter of the bad-for-business anti-immigrant law, Jan Brewer, lies about immigrants and her own past. Anyone who grows such lovely hydrangeas couldn’t possibly be a spy! Knowing a little history goes a long way towards refuting people who try to rewrite it.  It could also prevent our politicians from making the […]

Home sweet home

A few days ago, I posted this AP story on my facebook with the caption “The media finally does some fact-checking.” The reporter did some research on some of the statements Sarah Palin made about herself and Barack Obama and found several, well, lies.  A person I grew up with commented on the post.  If […]

What I’ve Noticed

A woman fights off a man who assaults her and is assaulted by bystanders in retribution, via Feministing. The Pill Kills – a new campaign of the American Life League. That $600 isn’t going to help our economy and it certainly won’t help people who really need it. 7.2 million families holding sub-prime mortgages, disproportionately […]

articles worth reading

Content analysis of O’Reilly’s rhetoric finds spin to be a ‘factor’ Bill O’Reilly may proclaim at the beginning of his program that viewers are entering the “No Spin Zone,” but a new study by Indiana University media researchers found that the Fox News personality consistently paints certain people and groups as villains and others as […]


The media has handled the large number of Democratic presidential candidates badly. The Washington Post‘s David Broder declared (4/27/07) that “six of the eight declared candidates” at the Democrats’ debate in South Carolina “showed themselves to be both substantive and direct in their responses.” The other two he’s talking about are Kucinich and Gavel, who […]