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What I’ve Noticed


It’s more expensive to be gay.

The Straight Girl’s Guide to Sleeping with Chicks.  I’m beginning to think straight women don’t actually exist.

Mac vs. PC hilarity.

Another health insurance company screws over another sick person.

Frat boys that aren’t awful human beings.  Hooray feminism!

cute attack: baby pygmy hippo

cute attack: baby pygmy hippo

Nike resigned from the board of the Chamber of Commerce in protest of the chamber’s position on climate change.  Other companies flat out resigned their memberships.  It’s good to see companies recognizing climate change is going to start affecting their profits.

I feel like the appropriate punishment for these sorts of crimes would be to deny them modern medical care.

Second wave feminism has a bad reputation, but without it, women would still be writing songs like this:

Every native fish in AZ is in trouble, and several have already gone extinct.  Drastic times call for drastic measures.

A new spider species was recently discovered and named after David Bowie.

Heteropoda davidbowie

Heteropoda davidbowie

Warming can fundamentally change interactions in an ecosystem.  This means that many of our predictions about what’s going to happen to ecosystems with climate change could be very, very wrong.

The Finance Committee killed the public option this week and then approved money for abstinence only sex-ed, which is the proven best way to up teen pregnancy and std rates.  I’d like to point out that democrats Lincoln, Conrad, and Baucus voted down the public option.  I suggest letting them know how you feel about their vote, especially if you come from Arkansas, Montana, or North Dakota.

Laurent is finally blogging again – I adore his silly botany posts.  Here’s a great one about how purple toothwort protects its nectar.

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