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Richer than you think

Last year I made about $14,000.  More than half of that went to rent and student loan payments.  Sometimes I feel pretty darn poor.  But I’ve never made a late payment and I’ve never gone hungry (though I don’t think I can ever eat ramen again). As poor as I sometimes feel, my income is […]

What I’ve Noticed

Anti-vaxxers are a blast from the past – who knew whooping cough would still be killing people in developed countries in the 21st century? Important information that your intro stats professor likely didn’t mention. While cutting classes and entire programs, reducing pay for already underpaid professors, and laying people off right and left, my university […]

Snow leopard kittens & our burgeoning population

I came across this adorable overload of a snow leopard at the Akron zoo frolicking in the snow.  I’m not going to tell you how many times I watched the video because then I’d have to come to terms with all of the homework I should have gotten done instead.  The zoo snow leopard is […]

What I’ve Noticed

Most people who want to help in a disaster actually make things worse. The United States just legalized corruption.  Really government, corporations AREN’T PEOPLE. If a person was knowingly endangering the water supply of so many people, he/she would get more than a slap on the wrist fine. Interestingly, corporations fight hard for their own […]


I had a fantastic birthday.  I made red velvet cupcakes and someone brought a chocolate-pomegranate cheesecake that was unbelievably good (I ate the leftovers for every meal until it was gone).  Someone made me a blue coffee mug that is so pretty it makes my coffee taste better.  Then, everyone at least pretended to enjoy […]

What I’ve Noticed

It’s more expensive to be gay. The Straight Girl’s Guide to Sleeping with Chicks.  I’m beginning to think straight women don’t actually exist. Mac vs. PC hilarity. Another health insurance company screws over another sick person. Frat boys that aren’t awful human beings.  Hooray feminism! Nike resigned from the board of the Chamber of Commerce […]

What I’ve Noticed

It doesn’t say anything good about our culture that sexual violence against women is eroticized and mainstream, but women choosing and enjoying sex is just too much for us. A few songs are worth more than your life.  A lot more.  (via Michael Alan Miller) Oh, and Sweden took down pirate bay. Well, this should […]