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Migraine Log – Week 5


I’ve been keeping track of how many migraines I get each week since I’ve started taking Petadolex.  You’re in for a treat this week – I’ve made a snazzy graph.

The y axis, Headaches:Bad Weather, is the ratio of headaches I get to how much bad weather there was in a given week.  So if the bar goes up to 1, it means every time there was bad weather I got a migraine.  If the bar is above 1, I got migraines even when there wasn’t bad weather, and if the bar is below 1, I didn’t always have a migraine when the weather was bad.

It’s too soon to draw any real conclusions, but at least it doesn’t look like they’re getting worse!

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  1. This is pretty awesome. Save for the migraines of course. This will be neat to keep an eye on!

  2. The northeastern brain trust (consisting of Eugenie and myself) would like to humbly suggest, in the name of generating graphical discourse and improving understandability, a few slight changes to this snazzy graph…

    We think a scatter plot of headaches on the y axis and bad weather on the x axis, with each point representing a week might be easier to interpret. Adding the y=x line for reference would let you see if there were more headaches than bad weather (points above the y=x line) or vice versa. For extra flair, you could make the individual points different colors to capture the time order of the points.

    What do you think?

  3. @The northeastern brain trust

    You just wait until next week…

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