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Winter shoes: unfortunate necessity


Snow is pretty and sledding is fun, but I hate when it sticks around forever.  Having to tromp through several feet of snow to get anywhere is exhausting.  Repeatedly slipping on the 3 inches of ice coating my landing has caused my rear end to turn several shades of purple.  Worst of all, I am confined to these boots for weeks on end.

I hate hot weather and do like the long, cool spring and fall here and the rarely-above-85 summers, but I might be convinced to move someplace with a real summer for a few more weeks of weather I could wear these shoes in.

They’re so sweet and pretty and impossible to even get out my front door with 4 months of the year.

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  1. Top shoes — unfortunate reality. Bottom shoes — absolutely delicious. My compromise has been to carry a much bigger bag than I know I need, put the lovely shoes in it, and kick off those snowstomping monstrosities as soon as I get indoors. Then I strut around inside in my lovely shoes.

  2. The problem is putting the yucky shoes in your backpack or such. But it might just be worth it to get out of clods. Chin up and imagine stilettos.

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