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Working from home

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I love that I can do so much of my job from home.  It’s nice to be able to prop my feet up and wear fuzzy pajamas and drink hot cocoa and get paid.  I’m also still in shock that I get paid to read about the coolest things ever (ecology and plants, duh).

working at home

While my fleece slippers aren’t nearly as gorgeous as Dr. Isis’s Naughty Monkeys, I love them as much as my very favorite pair of heels.  There’s something to be said for snuggly warm slippers.

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One Comment

  1. Yeah…I just saw these slippers. The only thing that makes this acceptable is that it seems to be dark outside and I assume that you were prepared for bed (not that Naughty Monkeys aren’t great for wearing to bed, wink wink). That being said, this must never happen in the middle of the day.

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