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This is what climate change looks like

Scientists are masters of understatement: Findings of relatively slow tree migration rates in response to historical changes in climate (potentially < 100 m per year) are unfortunate in light of model predictions of how fast tree species will need to migrate to track current climates under climate change scenarios.* *Aitken, S N, S Yeaman, J […]


I had a fantastic birthday.  I made red velvet cupcakes and someone brought a chocolate-pomegranate cheesecake that was unbelievably good (I ate the leftovers for every meal until it was gone).  Someone made me a blue coffee mug that is so pretty it makes my coffee taste better.  Then, everyone at least pretended to enjoy […]

What I’ve Noticed

Father most certainly does NOT know best. Some men go to strip clubs at least in part because they don’t know how to tell their guy friends they like them. The link above explains that women are glue.  This also suggests that women most certainly aren’t people. Jimmy Carter publicly denounces Southern Baptists because of […]

How do we justify a moral code?

From Karen Armstrong’s A History of God: The 4,000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam: God created adam, a single man, to teach us that whoever destroyed a single human life would be punished as though he had destroyed the whole world; similarly to save a life was to redeem the whole world.  This was not […]

What keeps you awake at night?

Climate change is a big, big problem made worse by population pressure on scarce resources and strong, worldwide interdependence.  This recent article in the Guardian does a good job of connecting problems in one part of the world to those elsewhere and outlining the very large scope and scale of the disaster we’re facing. There […]