What I’ve Noticed

Father most certainly does NOT know best.

Some men go to strip clubs at least in part because they don’t know how to tell their guy friends they like them.

The link above explains that women are glue.  This also suggests that women most certainly aren’t people.

Jimmy Carter publicly denounces Southern Baptists because of their misogyny.

Who’s lying about climate change?

Money is the only good reason to get married.

Conservatives haven’t changed much at all since the New Deal.


  1. Mike says:

    About the Hope Witsell tragedy, shaming young people for their sexuality is so morally repugnant that I have no idea how those folks live with themselves. Of course, women bear the brunt of it, as the Witsell case shows.

    But the fundies don’t see it that way — because they see sexuality itself as the dangerous thing, and anything to keep it in check as the right thing to do — a fundamentally alien (to me) mindset.

    And you’re right, money or ease of immigration (I’d add) are the only real reasons to get married.

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