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What keeps you awake at night?


Climate change is a big, big problem made worse by population pressure on scarce resources and strong, worldwide interdependence.  This recent article in the Guardian does a good job of connecting problems in one part of the world to those elsewhere and outlining the very large scope and scale of the disaster we’re facing.

There are many, many things we can do to make our future better and reducing our birthrate is one of the best.  Luckily, discussing this strategy is becoming less taboo.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t a topic in Copenhagen and is violently opposed by major religious groups who can’t bear to give up the idea that women are baby making machines.

I was hopeful that Copenhagen would lead to real progress.  Unfortunately, our world’s leaders couldn’t pass a binding agreement on limiting emissions and temperature increases, even to levels that are still far too high.  Goodbye, Tuvalu.

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