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Treating Migraines


My migraines are triggered primarily by pressure changes, especially pressure drops.  So things like a change in elevation, flying, and weather changes are terrible for me.  I’m living in a place much drier than I used to, and my migraines are much better – several a month as opposed to one almost all day every day.  But they’ve been getting worse lately.  Maybe being stressed is triggering more.  Maybe my body has adapted to this climate and is getting migraines with ever smaller pressure changes.  Whatever the reason, I’ve decided to start treating my migraines again.

I would like to go to a neurologist, but there is no way I can afford that right now.  And since my insurance doesn’t cover prescription drugs, it’s unlikely I’d be able to afford any medication a neurologist prescribed either.

I’m going to try a drug available without a prescription called Petadolex.  It’s manufactured by a German pharmaceutical company and is subject to strict regulations.  Petadolex is an extract of butterbur, has extremely rare and very mild side effects, is relatively affordable, and most importantly, has been shown to reduce migraine frequency.

I’ve started keeping a headache diary again and will start taking Petadolex in the next couple weeks.  I’ll give it 2 or 3 months.  Keep your fingers crossed, or better yet, donate to the college fund using the paypal donate button in the sidebar.  Petadolex is inexpensive by migraine medication standards, but will still cost me about $75/month.

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  1. Here’s hoping you get some relief! xo SF

  2. I hope it works out for you!

    When I was younger I would frequently get migraines (I was on some kind of meds don’t remember the name).

    I think apple juice is a trigger for mine (along with grape juice and any kind of juice that has apple concentrate in them). I pretty much avoid drinking apple juice products and my migraines don’t occur as frequently. (I do get them when the weather changes dramatically from time to time).

  3. Thanks Sublimefemme and Eugenie 🙂 I’ve got my fingers crossed. Eugenie, do you remember why you stopped taking the meds? Did your migraines become less frequent at a certain age?

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