Migraine Log – Control Week

I wrote a few days ago that I was going to start treating my migraines again and that I’m trying a medicine called Petadolex.  Today was my first day taking it.  I might not see effects for 3 months, which, in my experience, is typical for migraine preventatives.

I’ve been keeping a headache journal so that I’ll be able to tell if it’s actually helping, especially if my migraine frequency is only reduced by a small percentage.  I’m going to be giving weekly updates.  I’ll be recording days with headache and cloudy/rainy/snowy days, which are my major migraine trigger.  What I hope to see is a decrease in days with headache, regardless of the number of days with bad weather.

December 3 – December 9

Days with headache: 5

Cloudy/snowy/rainy days:  4