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Dear Santa

Since you missed my housewarming party (ok, I didn’t have one), here are a few opportunities to make up for it. And just in time for my birthday and Christmas… the things I want and the books and movies I want And used is even better than new. Hugs are even better than presents. Cookies […]


As of 6:30 this morning, my research proposal is finished. In case you haven’t been keeping track, that’s two this month. The first one was a description of what I was going to do with money I’d already been given. The second is an attempt to convince someone to give me money for what I […]


So, I don’t really like turnips, but this recipe is fantastic, and easy too! I used extra butter – it got dry when I added the breadcrumbs. I also didn’t have any lemons, so I just added some lemon juice.

constructive procrastination

After working for 6 hours on a research proposal this morning, I decided to do something about my kitchen floor. Two and a half hours later, I had cleared the following patch with comet and a stiff brush: Note that the bottom of the picture, which I didn’t get to today, has been mopped every […]

why i haven’t written much lately (and why I won’t be writing much for awhile…)

This month: Calc test on stuff I actually have to work at to understand Research prospectus Research proposal Research presentation Botany class semester long lab project due Definite progress on the Goldwater application must be made I kicked my non-rent paying, non-cleaning, alcoholic roommate out and must find another one/work a gazillion hours to make […]