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After working for 6 hours on a research proposal this morning, I decided to do something about my kitchen floor. Two and a half hours later, I had cleared the following patch with comet and a stiff brush: dirty-clean

Note that the bottom of the picture, which I didn’t get to today, has been mopped every week and scrubbed on my hands and knees every month since August. It looks vastly better than when I moved in.

The people who lived here when I moved in hadn’t cleaned much other than the dishes they ate off of for at least two years. One of those people is living here until December and I’m (frantically) trying to find someone to take his room. As one girl* put it on viewing his room/bathroom “how does he live like this?”

Needless to say, I am VERY excited about the free carpet cleaning in January.

*Other notable reactions: The girl who gagged and left quickly, the girl who refused to enter the room, and the girl who sympathetically asked “how do you live with him?”

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