why i haven’t written much lately (and why I won’t be writing much for awhile…)

This month:

  • Calc test on stuff I actually have to work at to understand
  • Research prospectus
  • Research proposal
  • Research presentation
  • Botany class semester long lab project due
  • Definite progress on the Goldwater application must be made
  • I kicked my non-rent paying, non-cleaning, alcoholic roommate out and must find another one/work a gazillion hours to make rent.

I’m really glad November includes Veteran’s day and Thanksgiving. With a few days off, I might be able to actually accomplish all of this…

That said, I had a fantastic cookie baking party a few days ago, a friend of mine cleaned my really and truly disgusting stove, I’ve got some awesome roommate possibilities, I’m spending far too much time thinking about a crush (and why I shouldn’t have a crush on her), and while research is intimidating and sometimes overwhelming, I love it.


  1. Mike M says:

    Hi. You’re intelligent, interesting, ensorcelling and just plain competent. I know you’ll make it through, and come out looking like it was easy.

    Been missing our chats, but I’d rather have you getting important things done. Still, your mind in my mental space is a definitely a loss.


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