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Dear Santa


Since you missed my housewarming party (ok, I didn’t have one), here are a few opportunities to make up for it. And just in time for my birthday and Christmas…

And used is even better than new. Hugs are even better than presents. Cookies are up there with hugs. I also want an algae eating fish, a goldfish, some pretty stones, and some more lucky bamboo. The fish will live in the bamboo. The stones will keep the bamboo from falling over. I’ve already got a big glass thing and some stones and one lonely lucky bamboo.

Since I’m still roommate-less and very very broke, you will all be receiving homemade soap, or perhaps a scarf. If you’re close by, I’d love to cook for you! And everyone is invited to my birthday party on the 21st. We will be baking gingerbread men and playing silly games, like apples to apples.

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I'm listening!

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