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I apply for a bunch of awards and scholarships every year and usually end up with a giant stack of rejection letters and enough money to scrape by for the next year.  After awhile, I got pretty accustomed to the rejections and really didn’t get upset about them – just more and more concerned about […]

the fall semester

Classes:  Calculus III, Botany, Topics in Environmental Biology Work: 10 hrs a week at a local non-profit, 10-20 hrs a week tech support, 10-20 hrs a week in the lab Fun: Occasional naps

Put me thru school…

You probably think I should put myself through school with work, applying for scholarships, etc. Well, I’ve got 3 well paying jobs and 1 not so well paying job,* a hefty fellowship, a scholarship worth a few hundred, a grant worth a few thousand, and I’ve still only got 1/2 of my cost of of […]