War isn’t good for people

Since the military isn’t doing enough to care for the mental health of our soldiers, private counselors are offering free help to veterans.  Suicide rates are way up in the military right now, which is probably indicative of how much help our veterans are going to need when they get back.  It’s not really surprising considering war is generally horrifying and things like Standard Operating Procedure at Abu Ghraib and other prisons (via 3QD)

what happened at Abu Ghraib was not only tolerated but condoned and encouraged. Harsh treatment wasn’t punished; it was rewarded. When First Lt. Carolyn Wood of the Army was in charge of the interrogation center at Bagram Air Force base in Afghanistan in 2003, she established a policy that allowed prisoners to be held in solitary confinement for a month, to be stripped, shackled in painful positions, kept without sleep, bombarded with sound and light. Three prisoners were beaten to death on her watch. She was awarded a Bronze Star, one of the armed forces’ highest combat medals, promoted to captain and sent to Iraq.