Renters vs. homeowners

It’s really weird how many of my neighbours who own their homes talk about neighbours who rent like they’re just passing through and are a detriment to the neighbourhood. They also treat them worse. When there’s a problem with the renter-residents, they call the bylaw officer or the landlord. When there’s a problem with an owner-resident, they talk to them.

Often resident-owners say renters are bad because they don’t contribute to the neighbourhood, they’re too short term, etc. But renters aren’t temporary nuisances! They’re people making homes in their neighbourhoods. Many of the renters have been here longer than the owners!

I get so mad when resident-owners speak more highly of the absentee-owners who landlord or leave their houses empty than they do of the renter-residents who’ve made their homes here for more than a decade.

It’s almost like it’s about class and wealth protection rather than community and home and neighbourhood.