While you’re waiting for the bus

Is there an alternative to countries?

is a structure that grew spontaneously out of the complexity of the industrial revolution really the best way to manage our affairs?

Item from Ian: Truck ban in London to protect cyclists

i love joan watson ME TOO

Be normal.

Feds go after Mylan for scamming Medicaid out of millions on EpiPen pricing

Why Would Men Fear Women With High Sex Drives?

What danah boyd said (personal) – The essential role of the media in terrorism

The Presentation of Selfies in Everyday High School


Friday links: Lego grad student, ESA awards, and more The gulf between between doing science and being an academic is indeed vast.

“if you publish in selective journals, that shows that you can convince a careful, critical, independent expert in your field that your work is interesting and important. Which is evidence that your work is interesting and important. It also demonstrates your ability to convince others of the interest and importance of your work, which you need to do to get grants and do the other things needed to become a leader in your field.”