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Making the Rich and Powerful Work for Everyone

Comment on Guest Post: Changing my surname was a personal choice by jmc38

The Anthropocene Myth. Blaming all of humanity for climate change lets capitalism off the hook

TPP leak: states give companies the right to repeal nations’ laws.
Nothing I’ve read about the TPP makes me think it is a remotely good idea

Startup workers sue to be recognized as employees, not mere contractors

Facing Early Death, on Their Terms

Minimal landscape maps
Click through for the corn.

Dropping Light
Also we would look like demons

Unifying ecology and macroevolution with individual-based theory

Hoax-detecting software spots fake papers
“It’s wonderful that Springer has moved to eliminate articles generated by software that intentionally produces nonsense, but what about unintentionally nonsensical articles produced by human authors?”

Max Planck Society unveils €50 million support plan for young scientists